About Us

At MW Trading we care. We bring electronics in, and break them down into their base components. A CRT monitor might be broken down into plastic, metal, circuit boards, glass, etc. Each of the components are then sent to downstream recyclers who further process each item to make it usable on the market again. MW Trading is only a Electronics recycler that separates the components, then sends the separated components to a smelter who then turns it into raw material for new usage.

MW Trading is held to providing Public Service Outreach Programs to help our Communities, Businesses and Residents. Our programs promote Green Education and Environmental Stewardship through our Partner Collection Event Programs. We will also continue to partner with organizations and companies that are interested in recycling responsibily. Sustainability for California.

We are a California based company of electronic scrap recently became one of the first companies in the state to be certified under the EPA guidelines. Our company is recognized for its success in the areas of environmental responsibility, quality, health and safety…