Food Recycling

If you’ve been searching for innovative and better solutions for unsaleable finished products, liquid waste, supermarket waste, agricultural streams, byproduct and ingredient waste, look no further, MW Trading is here to assist.

By dedicating 100% of landfill diversion to recycling, we aim to provide our clients with beneficial reuse of these materials. For over 8 years, MW Trading has been offering sustainable and renewable solutions to top clients are leaders in the food and beverage industry and our mission is to become the one-stop food waste and beverage waste recycling service provider.

With over 200 processors that utilizes the latest technology, we are able to process waste products ranging from agricultural, byproduct, bulk liquid and unsaleables in consumer packaging to our clients all over North America.

MW Trading diverts 100% of our nation’s overburdened landfills and employs higher and better on or offsite uses including: composting, anaerobic digestion, direct and indirect animal feed, renewable energy, bio plastics, bio energy, gasification, furfural, waste to energy, land application and much more.

Many of our services include:


  • Collection and logistics
  • Product security and destruction
  • Material recycling and recovery
  • Customer tax/duty management; BATF tax broker
  • U.S. Customs and drawback
  • Internet-based system


  • Market study
  • Trend analysis
  • Customized reporting
  • Quantity
  • Date of destruction
  • Date out-of-service
  • COD (Certificate of Destruction)
  • Environmental management
  • Commodity rebates
  • Management of indirect recyclables
  • Management of indirect waste
  • Personnel training
  • Assured destruction – On-site    Off-site      Shared site

If your goal is zero waste, let us take care of you!