Household Recycling

Recycled clothingIs your closet in desperate need of some house cleaning?  See articles of clothing literally collect dust on the rack in your closet?  We have all been there, we cling to some clothing that last year, or a few years ago, was something that we wore all the time.  What usually happens though, is that when selecting what we are going to wear for the day we skip over it because it isn’t what it use to be.  Maybe it’s time to go through your entire wardrobe and get rid of those articles of clothing that are just staying stagnant and are just taking up shelf space.

Cleaning out your closet and detaching from old clothing that you never wear will get rid of about  25% of your closet space and you should have filled 2-5 trash bags with old clothing.  It’s surprising how much you will actually be able to get rid of.  So what should you do with all of this old clothing now?  The answer, is quite simple; recycle them!  Here are some interesting facts about what happens when you recycle clothes:

  • 45% of recycled clothes are sold to foreign countries
  • 30% are turned into cleaning rags
  • 25% are turned into fibers for insulation or stuffing

So take your old clothing to MW Trading today and we will handle the rest.  To quote the great Albert Einstein: “The value of a man resides in what he gives and not in what he is capable of receiving.”